fuel. delivered.

on demand.

Save time and money. Get 91 PETROL or DIESEL delivered to your vehicle or fuel tank.

It’s like a fuel pump in your pocket – tap to FILL!

FILL in action

FILL takes the hassle out of filling your vehicle. We deliver fuel - petrol or diesel, to your vehicle at a price comparable with your full service local petrol station. We like to think we are making your life just a little bit easier by eliminating the need to fill up at a petrol station. 


How to FILL



Download the app and sign up

You can find FILL on Google Play and the iTunes App store OR use the web based App here.



Add vehicles, payment details and set fuel up locations.

You’ll need your vehicle info (Make, year, model, licence plate number, fuel type – for each vehicle) and your credit card details.



Confirm your FILL ups.

Pin your location using the FILL app, select a FILL date and time and leave your fuel cap open.



FILL comes to you.

Relax (or keep working) - No need for you to be there.


You'll be notified when your vehicle/s been FILLed.

quick. easy.

hassle-free fuel.


Pocket fuel. Tap to FILL

Save time and stress

No more wasting time standing at a fuel pump or in a queue to FILL up.

No more fuel light stress!

Cleaner, greener & safe

If you think about it, we’ve got a small fleet of FILL tankers on the road route optimised to maximise FILLs and minimise your carbon footprint.


No more fuel detours – hassle free and greener FILL.

Our customer service reps are FILL certified to deliver fuel safely.


Book your FILL in advance – schedule to FILL your work fleet to ensure you maximise productivity.

Easy admin

We’ll email you a summary of your invoice for each FILL.  


Our FILL admin allows you to track your fuel expenses and view past FILLs.

Save money

Our FILL prices are comparable with full service petrol stations.

Did we also mention that you’ll save money on the hours wasted filling up.

Eliminate fuel theft

Save money on your fuel bill by eliminating fuel theft.


Fuel gets pumped into your tank

not a jerry can.

Where we FILL 

We are introducing FILL to New Zealand, town by town, business by business, as we grow.  Bring FILL to you -  register your interest in a new zone or if you would like us to fuel your business.


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