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FILL for Business is committed to saving your business time and money, reducing risk and increasing productivity.


Fuel. Delivered. Direct to vehicles and machines.

There’s a smarter, simpler way to refuel your commercial fleet – its called ‘FILL’.

Our customers include fleet and transport operators, and direct to machine.


FILL is a contactless fuel delivery service currently servicing Auckland, Christchurch, Ashburton, Timaru and Oamaru.  FILL delivers diesel and 91 petrol direct to trucks, cars, plant and equipment, on-site and on demand, 24/7.

Trial FILL and find out for yourself how working together makes business better.


No more downtime driving to the pump or at the pump.  You’ll save time and money, reduce risk, manage costs and improve productivity.


  • Responsive – on demand or scheduled deliveries, 24/7, tailored solutions

  • Convenient – direct to vehicles and plan and equipment, save time, reduce disruption, improve productivity

  • Cost-effective – competitive pricing, no contracts, no low volume fees – just pay for the fuel you use

  • Safe – contactless, compliant and reduces risk to operators and the environment

  • Integrated invoicing - PDF, CSV or as required (including for fuel tax rebates)

  • Easy reporting 

  • FILL fuel cards at Mobil or BP

  • Fuel tanks for on-site refueling


Trial FILL and see for yourself how working together makes business better.

FILL delivers when you need it

Keep business moving.  Refuelling means no down time.  FILL responds and delivers on site, on demand , out of hours, and direct to machine, 24/7.

FILL fuel card

Fuel cards are available for use at Mobil or BP truck stops and service stations.


Consolidate your fuel spend into one easy account.

FILL delivers cost-effectiveness

Save money, and increase productivity and profits through greater efficiencies.  No monthly or subscription fees.  Just well-priced fuel when and where you need it.

FILL delivers sustainability

Reduce your impact on the environment.  Switching to FILL and changing the way you refuel reduces carbon emissions and the collective volume of fuel your fleet uses travelling to and from the pump.

FILL delivers efficiencies

Leaving FILL to take care of your refuelling allows you to focus on your business.  Put that collective downtime spent at the pump towards building a better business.

FILL delivers safely

Our pumping gear & dispensers are regularly calibrated to NZ weights required by law and our tank wagons are fully insured & TAN registered.


Where we FILL 

Auckland (contact Carlito 021 2834550 or

Christchurch (contact Daniel 021 09010476 or, or John 021 2464618 or

Ashburton (contact Daniel 021 09010476 or

Timaru (contact Cameron 021 2834557 or

Oamaru (contract Cameron 021 2834557 or

We are introducing FILL to New Zealand, town by town, business by business, as we grow.  Currently we are fuelling businesses in the above towns and cities.  If you are outside of these areas let us know and we will see what we can do - we are always looking for a good reason to start up in a new area. 


We take safety seriously! Download our safety sheets below or visit our FILL safety page for more information.

Safety Data Sheet - Diesel

Safety Data Sheet - Petrol

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