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  • What fuel do you deliver?
    Diesel (including winterised diesel) and 91 petrol. We can supply 95 petrol and diesel additive for colder climates on request.
  • What areas do you service?
    Currently Canterbury and Otago - Oamaru through to North Canterbury. We are expanding the areas we deliver to as we grow so no drama if you are outside of these areas - let us know and we will see what we can do.
  • What's the fuel price?
    Pricing will vary depening on the wholesale price and your volume, location and requirement for storage tanks. Please contact including your location, annual volume, requirement for storage tank(s) and one of our reps will be in touch with current pricing. Pricing is updated weekly on a Monday.
  • How do I order fuel?
    Most of our customers will be on re-occurring delivaries depending on their requirements and/or will txt or call their regular driver or rep if they need fuel in between - no back office to navigate. We monitor fuel sensors depening on customer requirements and can automate delivaries using your fuel level sensor. Alternatively, you can order fuel online. To set up an account we suggest you contact a rep: Daniel Reeve (Canterbury) 021 090 10476 or David Beatty (mid and central Canterbury) 027 435 4844 or Cameron Miller (south Canterbury and Otago) 021 283 4557 or John Jenkins (central Canterbury) 021 246 4618 or
  • Do you have fuel card option?
    Yes – currently with Mobil or BP.
  • Do you provide tanks?
    Yes – we can provide a tank(s) depending on your volume. Otherwise you can purchase or lease a tank.
  • Where can I find FILL's safety information?
    Click to download; Safety Data Sheet - Diesel Safety Data Sheet - 91 Petrol Work Safe's - Above Ground Fuel Storage on Farms Or visit the FILL Safety page.
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