Will you FILL my car up at my home address?

Absolutely - if you live in a FILL zone we will FILL your vehicle up at home.

Is there a minimum spend?

Yes - $30 per FILL.

What areas do you service?

Currently we are in Christchurch but looking to expand into towns and cities across NZ. For residential customers, click on the maps to see which areas we service. If you are a business based in Christchurch please get in touch.

Do you service residential/one-off car fills too?

Currently we are focused on business. That said if you are in a FILL zone we are happy to FILL you up. We are looking to set up FILL zones in residential areas once we have nailed our service objectives.

Do I need to set up an account?

Yes - you need to set up an account including a payment method before you can order a FILL. You can download the app or set up an account online.

What fuel do you deliver?

Currently we deliver 91 petrol or diesel. Contact us if you are a business and use 95 petrol or 98 petrol and we will see if we can work something out.

I’m really uncomfortable leaving my fuel cap open?

It is highly unlikely anyone will try to syphon whatever fuel is left in your car before we FILL it up. That said, we suggest you partially close your fuel cap – but not so that it locked. We will lock your fuel cap when you have been FILLed and send you a notification. We will send you a notification just prior to arriving – if are uncomfortable leaving your cap open you can open it following receiving this notification.

What if my car is parked on the street?

We can’t guarantee we will be able to FILL your car up if it is parked on the street. We will give it our best shot but need to be able to able to access your car safely. If your car is outside your house and the entrance to your driveway is clear, we should be OK.

What are our payment options?

You can pay by credit or visa / mastercard debit card, or by direct debit.

Do I get an invoice?

As soon as you have been FILLed you will receive a notification including a summary of your FILL. We will email you a statement/invoice at the end of each month which will also be available for you to download in your account settings.

Do you FILL static tanks?

Absolutely – we fill tanks at work and at home. If your tank is outside one of our FILL zones contact us to arrange a FILL.

How can you deliver fuel for the same price or less than my local petrol station?

Simple – we don’t own expensive land and buildings and have lower overheads. It costs a lot of money to set up and run a gas station!

What happens if you can’t find my car?

Unlikely – but if we can’t find your car we will txt or call you.

Where do I find FILL's Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions?

Here's a link to our Privacy Policy and T&C's.

How do I know I’m getting the amount of fuel I’m charged for?

To be honest – the same way you do if you fill up at a gas station. All our pumps and registers are calibrated and comply with the Weights and Measures Act and Regulations. If you think you are being ripped-off or have a complaint about the quality or quantity of fuel delivered you can make a complaint by contacting us or Trading Standards (www.trademeasurement.tradingstandards.govt.nz).

Are you like Gaspy?

No. Gaspy and similar apps find the cheapest fuel. We’re all about providing a convenient way to FILL up while you work, play or sleep at a fair price, without the need to visit a petrol station.

What if I need to move my car?

If you need to move your car you can cancel your order and book another session. If your car is not there when we arrive, we will txt or call you and if we don’t hear from you we will cancel your order. We understand that when you have to go you have to go, however if you make a habit of moving your car you might be better to use a gas station so we don’t have to cancel your account.

Is there an authorisation process for my credit card?

When you register your credit card, we’ll put a hold on $1 at the time of registering. This is simply to verify your card is legit. The $1 hold will expire after 7 days.

What is the price of fuel?

Our aim is to charge you a fair price for fuel taking into account the amount we pay for fuel, the price of fuel at the gas station, and the service we provide. We have very little control over the price of fuel which is set by the major fuel companies. Our pricing is based on the average national price set by the main fuel companies. Generally, you will pay about the same as you would at the pump (not including discount retailers). We will send you a notification including the current fuel price when you place your order and the actual fuel price before we FILL you up. If you don’t like the price you can cancel your order.

Delivery is currently free for orders over 50 litres. For orders 50 litres or less there is a delivery fee which is currently $3.50.

Do you charge a delivery fee?

Delivery is currently free for all orders.