About Us

FILL was born out of a belief that we could do fuel better. At FILL we are all about fuel convenience – we deliver fuel to your vehicle while you work, rest or play. There is no need for you to be present – just pop your fuel cap and forget.


While we are fresh to NZ, we are by no means the first on-demand fuel service. We just happened to think it was about time something was done in Aotearoa to make re-fuelling much less of a hassle. It’s just not worth thinking how many extra km’s you have driven or time spent holding a fuel pump. How often have you got behind the wheel only to be greeted by the fuel light?! We reckon it’s time for a change.  With the progress of technology and evolution of on-demand services, on-demand fuel is a no brainer.  However it takes re-thinking a century old supply chain and changing both consumer and commercial habits to ultimately make the necessity of  fuel stations a thing of the past (or turned into parking lots for car sharing or EV’s – but that’s another story).


FILL has been a very quiet but determined fuel revolution. We have had to develop a mobile and web application from scratch to suit the needs of both consumers and business taking into account all of the variables which go into re-fuelling vehicles (and we’re not finished yet). At the same time coming up with a viable business which not only delivers fuel but delivers fuel convenience. We have designed and manufactured our very own FILL tankers to deliver either petrol or diesel. It really hasn’t been easy (and really expensive) but we strongly believe we have come up with a better way of doing fuel. We welcome your feedback – good and bad, to help us deliver on our vision.


Free yourself from the gas station - join the fuel revolution and get involved in changing the ‘not so good habits’ of a lifetime.