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Work with us with confidence.  FILL is brought to you by specialists with proven expertise in the fuel supply industry and innovative business practices.  Our 20 years experience as manufacturers of innovative fuel storage solutions has given us a practical understanding of the key process and business challenges of a range of transport-related commercials operations.


While the idea of an on demand fuel delivery is fresh to NZ, we are by no means the first on demand fuel service. We just happened to think it was about time something was done in Aotearoa to make refuelling that much more convenient.


FILL has been a quiet but determined fuel revolution. We have had to develop a suite of mobile and web application from scratch to suit the needs of both consumers and business taking into account all of the variables which go into keeping you or your business moving (and we’re not finished yet). At the same time coming up with a viable business which not only delivers fuel but delivers fuel convenience. We have designed and manufactured our very own FILL tankers to deliver either petrol or diesel. It really hasn’t been easy but we strongly believe we have come up with a better way of doing fuel. We welcome your feedback – good or bad, to help us deliver on our vision.


Free yourself from the gas station - join the fuel revolution and get involved in changing the ‘not so good habits’ of a lifetime.

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