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Christchurch entrepreneurs and tech company behind disruptive, new fuel delivery service

The same-day delivery service, which provides fuel at a fixed rate, works through a series of apps designed by Global Office. Currently in its pilot stage, FILL is available

across Christchurch, but FILL’s three founders Tom Evatt, Tim Riley and Gavin Barr say they will soon roll the service into other parts of New Zealand. “Our partnership with an experienced, local tech company has been vital in getting things off the ground.

A lot of solutions have come from our discussions with Global Office and we will need to continue to expand on the software as the company grows,” the trio say. All customers have to do to have their vehicle filled at home or work is to download the FILL app, make a booking and then leave their fuel cap popped for the driver to supply it with diesel or 91 at a specified part of the day. FILL’s four apps are for web and mobile users, as well as the company’s drivers and administrators.

Among the special features is a route optimiser that informs drivers of the most efficient way to deliver to a sequence of customers, with updates as new jobs are added to their list.

A gap in the market Tom, Tim and Gavin began working on their business more than two years ago when Gavin, who runs Nymic Engineering – a company that builds fuel tanks –

spotted a gap in the market. “The FILL model was already working in the US, but it needed a few changes before it could be applied to the New Zealand context,” Tom says.

Aside from working with Global Office on developing new software, FILL has, for example, commissioned Nymic Engineering to develop a dual tank so that FILL drivers can deliver both 91 and diesel.

“Many people have looked in disbelief when we have said we can provide this service at the same cost as the pump price, but that’s what we’re doing. We don’t have the same overheads as existing service stations or own or lease expensive real estate,” Tom says.

Fleet owners a target While FILL will deliver to anyone, the company has been primarily targeting companies with large fleets of vehicles.

“There are lots of benefits for companies, including minimising lost productivity, eliminating fuel theft, and maximising the use of expensive plant and equipment,” Tom adds. Global Office is now working on promotion codes and ways to introduce the FILL app to new users. Chief executive Nick Witteman says: “It has been a great project and has the potential to be a game-changer in New Zealand’s fuel industry.” FILL is still seeking feedback on how to make its service more user-friendly and efficient.

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